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David POLTROCK is a Brussels-based composer, producer and sound designer.  


He’s a member of the iconic Belgian rock band ‘De Mens’ but can boast countless collaborations as a producer and keyboard player with premium Belgian and international artists such as Hooverphonic, Triggerfinger, Salvatore Adamo, Portland, Prinz Pi, Monza and many many others . 


His first solo release as a recording artist under the Poltrock moniker was the 2018 instrumental trilogy ‘Mutes, Moods & Machines’ in which he displays an affection for intimate piano sounds, menacing drones and pulsating electronica. Poltrock’s music met with national and international acclaim earning him a Belgian ‘Music Industry Award’ for best musician in 2019. 


Poltrock’s first albums - cinematic as they are - paved the way for an increasingly succesful career as a composer for film and tv.  He scored award winning films such ‘Wild Gene’ (2019) and the Irish documentary film ‘Young Plato’ (2021) as well as critically acclaimed TV shows such as ‘Studio Tarara’ (2019) or ‘Billie vs Benjamin’ (2022).  His collaboration ‘Stay’ with RAVVEL was featured prominently in the French TV show ‘Il a déjà tes yeux’ and  his ambient album VACUUM (2021) with Adriaan de Roover grew into an enigmatic multidisciplinary performance with dance, video and 3D sound.


In 2023 Poltrock returns with  Aulus 1 & Aulus II.  A cinematic diptych exploring the vast space between classical and electronic music.  Between organic strings and pianos and experimental sound design.  

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