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Producer and established Belgian keyboard sidekick David POLTROCK spent half a decade experimenting with the impressive range of vintage keyboards and synths in his Brussels’ studio. Growing up listening more to indie rock rather than electronic music, he evolved towards a more organic, humanized sounds by combining these with the mesmerizing textures of a ‘prepared piano’.

Late 2017 however, still seeking the essence, Poltrock bumps into his trusty childhood piano: an old and stubborn Steinway upright.  Enchanted by the muted sound created by placing felt in between the hammers and the strings, he spent only three nocturnal sessions improvising on what was to become the ‘Mutes’- series: short and intimate sketches, cutting right to the core.


This five-year-odyssey culminates with the 2018 release of the trilogy ‘Mutes, Moods & Machines’ by Dutch boutique label Excelsior Recordings. Three full albums, released with a pianesque 88-day interval, all highlighting a different approach to the 88 piano keys.  Three distinctly versatile albums displaying a genuine affection for keyboard instruments of character – and the prepared piano more specifically.  All compositions share melodic and harmonic purity: beauty in all its simplicity.

Mutes (March 29, 2018 – International Piano Day) is a collection of short and intimate piano improvisations.

Moods (June 25, 2018) is a series of atmospheric and cinematographic soundscapes blending natural and prepared pianos with menacing drones and dense sound textures.  

Machines (September 21, 2018) is a selection of instrumentals combining heavily prepared and repetitive piano patterns with hypnotizing electronica.